Sunday, April 3, 2011

Rabbit Heart

There’s this show in the UK called 'Misfits’. I’ve heard all the hype about it through one of my close friends, Jasmine, and then, through Tumblr. At first, I thought it was just another MTV wanna-be reality TV shows, or a bad version of a teenage drama show … from MTV, so I didn’t pay attention to it at all. I saw that one of the characters was very, very attractive though. I have this fetish/thing of being attracted to guys with curly afro’s. And no, not the nappy, frizzy afros. The nice, perfectly curled that bounces-back-up-if-you-pulled-it-up type of curled afros. It’s something that I've recently realized after going through my over-thinking thoughts about crushes and men.

I guess he’s the main character of the show, he plays Nathan. The out-spoken, comic-relief kind of character. Though, he is kind of the nasty minded comic relief person, but it’s still funny. I think by now it’s obvious that I watched the show… sort of explaining on who this character is, which ruins my point. Today I decide to watch Misfits. Horrible timing, since I had a load of AP Micro homework waiting to be done and it’s a Sunday and ACTs are very soon, meaning, I should be studying for that. But what the heck, I say.

Boy,oh boy. Now I know what the hype’s all about. It’s great, beyond great. The only show that I’m really obessed, my go-to when sick, guilty pleasure, never ever will get tired of show is Gossip Girl. I loved that show since Day 1 and never have missed an episode (except for that time when my whole house didn’t have any sort of cable). But this show, Misfits instantly became my 2nd favorite/obsessed over show. It’s funny, mysterious, action-filled, sexy, dramatic… everything a teenager wants in a TV show basically. I don’t know why the US doesn’t have this show, then again, WE WOULD RUIN IT. Something about American writers ruining shows. Also, there’s an excessive amount of sex for this show to air in the US. Not so much where every 5 seconds ass would appear but when it comes to that point you see and hear some sexual things. But hey, we’re not children here. Right now I’m only on episode 3 on the first season, so I haven’t gotten far but it’s amazing.

Off to finish it Smile 


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